Stick A Needle In It…

Lately, I’ve had A LOT of women telling me their doctor says…. you have cysts…. I don’t believe it!!!! Doctors will hate me… but obviously not everything that looks like a cyst… is a cyst… in 7 months time…. I had a 6cm tumor!

It's Me Sunshine...

I pray that my story…. will encourage every single woman who is 30 and above… to ask their doctor for a mammogram… 30 is the new 40 in my opinion for breast cancer… obviously it does not discriminate… I see 17 & 18 year old girls on these message boards who have it… 😦

Every person who’s looked at me… assures me… what I have now was not there in April. I am not convinced. They said it was cysts…Maybe if it was a completely different location, the opposite side… but this is the EXACT same location as last April…  Well… and what they saw yesterday they thought was a cyst too…. and it wasn’t. But it did look like a cyst on ultrasound. It may come back benign… and if so… FABULOUS… but I told them yesterday… one breast or two, it doesn’t matter… because these are coming off…

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