Lymphedema, Lock Shoulder & Capsular Contracture (Photos)

Since my last post, my arm and shoulder has drastically taken a turn for the worse. It’s been a big struggle because it’s severely affected my mobility, it hurts badly…. and it’s causing my lymphedema to flare up quite rapidly. Although you cannot see it in the photo, it’s now starting to affect my forearm, whereas prior to this it’s only affected my upper arm. When it’s swelling, it’s the most awkward feeling. I don’t know how to describe it other than a burning feeling. You can tell when it’s swelling. Unfortunately, I’ve been using pain medication because it’s also affecting my spinal alignment… I quite honestly hurt, a lot. It’s affecting everything.

The capsular contracture is visible, it’s squeezing the breast, it’s dramatically smaller and it’s continually contracting and pulling upward, and under my arm. It is pulling and affecting my ribs, my spinal alignment and my shoulder is now locked. I’ve been going to therapy and having chiropractic adjustments on it, which definitely are helping… but it seems to go right back by the time I’m ready to see the doctor again. It makes it difficult to dress, to hug people, to drive, put on seat belts… pull covers… pull anything really, my mobility is very limited and if I jolt it… it sends me through the roof.

I see my plastic surgeon this Friday. Quite honestly, I cannot WAIT to have my surgery. They will have to remove the capsule and the ex-pander. Last time, he discussed putting in implants. I’m honestly not sure what his game plan will be… because my concern is that due to the radiated skin… it will do the same thing. Capsular contracture is basically an immune system response, trying to expel the foreign object. An implant will be no different, in my opinion. I’ve gained some weight because of the medication that I am taking for my continued therapy, but I’ve been walking and doing elliptical, so although I weight slightly more, I still don’t have much fat. I’ll have to update regarding what he would like to do for my surgery.

Here is a photo that will help to explain what’s been going on… I honestly haven’t really focused on it that much. I try to wear my compression sleeve as much as possible… but I don’t know that anything will honestly prevent the swelling, because my shoulder is locked and until I have movement, they can’t really help to drain the lymphatic fluid.

I’m alive and I’m well, so it’s just another thing to deal with ❤ It’s a very good thing, I’m not photographing regularly because I don’t think I could manage it.

I’m now working at Ashley Homestore in Pineville and doing amazingly well… I can’t remember if I updated about my change of employment, but Champagne Manor no longer felt my services were necessary. So, I was forced to look elsewhere. I’m loving my co-workers and doing very well!!!

Onto the photos!

image (2)_WEB