Be careful what you wish for! I was ecstatic when they told me I’d get expanders… but they’ve been a thorn in my side… literally! My left arm is so locked and I have such little range of motion, it’s truly no fun! But, I’ve received such help from Gotro Chiropractic in Indian Trail! I see Dr. Gotro at least 3-4 times per week and his massage therapist Danielle Helms. They are focused purely on giving me some relief on my shoulder/cording, etc… Danielle said my cording is some of the worse she has seen, it’s been no fun! The massage is really more like therapy and deep tissue on the cording…  I had my husband take a photo of me last night and I couldn’t put my hand on my hip! That’s how bad my range of motion is…. and, that’s improved! We laugh… it’s all you can do!

Anyway, in saying all that… I’m finally on the roster for my exchange surgery on the 24th of February! I’ll be having all the capsular contracture cut away… and I’ll have implants put in. We’re trying implants, even though there is a 50% rejection rate. I honestly don’t have enough fat to make boobs… Dr. Clavin thinks it’s worth a shot! 50% chance they won’t fail is how I’m looking at it! At the same time, I’ll have a total hysterectomy. I’ve been having Zoladex shots monthly to chemically induce menopause. She doesn’t think there will be much difference physically, other than maybe if my body is squeezing a tiny bit of estrogen into my system…. I might notice a slight difference.

This is one surgery I’m really looking forward to! Not because of the boobs, I honestly don’t even care about that…. but moreso, I hope to have some relief from my rock hard expander. It’s really uncomfortable!

I honestly have very minimal hot flashes… (the short hair definitely helps)! I feel like my moods are much more even… I do get extremely tired, but I believe it’s from the meds and working in excess of full time hours.

I’ve been working at work…  I ended up 2nd for the entire company in January! Beginners luck?! I don’t think much can keep me down anymore…. If there’s a will, there’s a way! 🙂

So, I’ll update after the sugery!! Hugs to you all! XOXO