Stick A Needle In It…

I pray that my story…. will encourage every single woman who is 30 and above… to ask their doctor for a mammogram… 30 is the new 40 in my opinion for breast cancer… obviously it does not discriminate… I see 17 & 18 year old girls on these message boards who have it… 😦

Every person who’s looked at me… assures me… what I have now was not there in April. I am not convinced. They said it was cysts…Maybe if it was a completely different location, the opposite side… but this is the EXACT same location as last April…  Well… and what they saw yesterday they thought was a cyst too…. and it wasn’t. But it did look like a cyst on ultrasound. It may come back benign… and if so… FABULOUS… but I told them yesterday… one breast or two, it doesn’t matter… because these are coming off. My cancer is a hormone based cancer… I will not take any chances…

Get your mammogram… if it’s all clear… Great! But, if they see ANYTHING… have them stick a needle in it! The biopsy really wasn’t that painful… I couldn’t lift for 2 days… I used ice packs.. never even took a tylenol! My motto… better safe than sorry. And all of the ultrasound techs have said the same thing….

I was at my family doctor earlier today… and she took a lot of time to talk to me… I think I have bronchitis at the moment…. anyway… she said that Asian countries do not have breast cancer and she credits our fabulous American diet to why we do! Think of how different… veggies, rice… broths, tofu… little meats… little refined sugars…. which is why there is such a high occurrence here in the US.

Repeat after me… if they see anything… be your own advocate and tell them… Stick A Needle In It!!!!

3 thoughts on “Stick A Needle In It…

  1. Dawn,

    As I am sure we have discussed, Dave & I are without insurance. However, he just took a second shift job at Crayola so we could have benefits. I told him how much what you have gone through has really scared me and he set aside the personal training gig to get us the benefits that sadly I cannot get through any of my three jobs. It is my PROMISE to you that in 30 days, when the benefits start, I am going to my OBGYN and getting checked. If there is ANYTHING suspicious I again PROMISE that I will not leave that office until a mammogram is scheduled. We love you Dawn and I pray for you each and every single day.

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