1/3 of the way done after today…

My 2nd chemo is today…. and I’m a little wonky thinking about it… I know what to expect, which is good… but, I’m really dreading feeling that low again…. ūüė¶ I’ve felt so good…. Today my eyes are finally a little less puffy too…

Darrell reminded me after my next chemo, I’ll be 1/2 way done… I love looking at it that way! 1/3 done after today….

I’ve had so many offers to take me to chemo… 4 to be exact…. not to mention my Mom and Darrell… to those people… I love you SO much!!! You know who you are!!! ‚̧ Darrell will be with me today… They pumped me so full of Benadryl last time that I was loopy and very sleepy¬†by the time I was done…. Darrell would ask me something and I was like …… Uh…. delayed reaction… lol

I forgot to mention my¬†little mini tornado who came by the other day… Diane… she told me she was stopping by for a visit… with Corey. She visited for all of 3 minutes… Then, said… “give me your keys to the studio”…. Tillie and I and Corey are going to help finish cleaning up…. so Andrea from Total Tranquility next door came over to help too…. so amazingly nice of them to help…. Diane was leaving with my broom and I had to snap this photo…. It’s titled “Diane came to pick up her broom”… You all are sooo good to me,¬†you are some of those new close friends I talked about¬†in my love is… I’ve made several really¬†close friendships… but this little nugget is very special… ¬†Diane, I seriously don’t know how you pack as much into a day as you do….. you are seriously a tornado and…. whoosh… she’s gone…. I love you all very much!!!

Diane Broom

I’m counting down the days…. 19 days as of today…. til my friend Tracey comes to town…. I’m so excited to see her and fill this blog full of pictures with her… because there hasn’t been one of her yet… but, she found this one… This was just a bit over a year ago…. one of the most memorable days of my life, honestly…. we had so much fun at the Toby Keith concert… and my buddy Eddie was there and his son really spoiled us that day and gave us a back stage tour…. it was so much fun! ¬†Good times…. I promise this will be the last duck lips photo you ever see of me…. so sorry! lol


I’d rather post fun stuff like this and forget about chemo… lol Yea, let’s just stop with this…. I’m sure you’ll hear all about chemo over the next few days….

Love you all!!! ‚̧

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