Dawn Shoot 080 LO RES

My name is Dawn Gaddy… Mother of 4.. 3 boys and 1 stepdaughter…Wife to an amazing man, husband, best friend and business partner… Daughter, Sister, Friend & Photographer

This is me 10 days past my 2nd chemo…


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dawn, I just recently learned of your story through my sister Danielle who has been an internet friend and follower of yours. I’m 36 and just had 2 mammograms and an ultra sound and am headed for a biopsy next week. She sent me the link to your blog and I read every entry with such sorrow in my heart for you but so inspired by you. You are an amazingly strong woman not only for the fight you are fighting right now but for all the fights you have conquered in your past. I know I’ll be ok and healthy and my results will come back that everything is ok, but if it turns out differently I’m comforted knowing I can gain strength from reading your story. Either way I’ll be following your story and sending you prayers and good thoughts your way!

    Kyle Smola

  2. Hi Dawn! Is there a way to share a comment privately with you? You can email me at the email I’ve submitted.

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