One of the hardest things about going through all of this… has been the loss of my career even if only for a couple of years…. Most of the brides who are aware of my situation have reacted with extreme compassion and genuine love…. Truly the type of people I attract….Since I have been the face of our company, I really expressed having true, genuine relationships with my brides… Many of my brides I keep in touch with, still… some I consider dear friends….

Several weeks back we photographed a wedding for Leigh Ann & Jason… The day before their wedding we were told I most likely had breast cancer… The day of the wedding, I managed to put it all behind me… and the wedding turned out amazing….

I’m due to release their photos soon…. they know I’m going to be slightly behind on their edits, especially considering how sick I’ve been recently…

This morning, she wrote me personally on my Facebook….

Dawn, you once wrote on your blog you didn’t know what you did to deserve all the love you are receiving. The answer is simple. You made a career not out of photography but out of making people feel better about themselves. Making people view themselves as beautiful no matter what they see as their flaws. You made them feel beautiful. You are now experiencing the love you have given to all your brides and families throughout the years. While your career may be on hold your inspiration continues. Maybe you can’t photograph right now but you can continue to teach and inspire through your blog. Photography was only part of what Greyson Steele Photography was all about. I am so blessed to have met you and hope you continue to feel beautiful because you have spent years making others feel beautiful for a lifetime. All our love, Jason and Leigh Ann
I asked her if it was ok that I could share this on my blog…. When you feel like you’ve lost your way at times…. it’s easy to forget what your purpose was…. I’ve asked repeatedly, why all of the kindness from complete and total strangers… and also dear, dear friends….
This morning was one of my hardest mornings by far…. I’ve been extremely weak and I’m continuing to lose weight…. but then you receive the love and outpouring like this…..
Truly, truly blessed…. Love you Leigh Ann & Jason…. 🙂 ❤

One thought on “Photography…

  1. I completely agree! I have always wanted to bring you up to my neck of the woods to do a session with me not because I need pictures of myself, but I see in the eyes of the people you photograph how beautiful you make them feel. Your pictures are a work of art, your crafts shows a heart of gold.

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