My treatment is over!!!

I wanted to post on Tuesday, but this honestly has been a crazy week at work….

Tuesday I got to ring that bell!!! It was such an emotional day… I hung my head and literally couldn’t believe I’ve made it… 18 weeks of chemo, a mastectomy, a pulmonary embolism and 34 radiation treatments later…. My skin held up really well until about 2 weeks prior to the end of radiation. The 2nd to last week they really radiated the mammary nodes… and they must have cranked it up because boy… have I scabbed… The very last week of treatment, they radiated all of the hard to reach places I guess… and under my arm. Ever since, I’ve had radiating pains in my breast area… just randomly…

My skin is soooo incredibly raw and scabbed. The area under my arm is just so tender and it’s oozing… My shirt sticks to my burns… and then because I’m on Xarelto… I bleed and bleed and bleed…. It’s not very pleasant…

I did it… I made it! My updates will probably be less and less…. It’s time to move on…

I’m keeping so busy with my new job… plus the remaining weddings and editing…

Thank you so much for keeping up with my journey… allowing me to be myself, voicing my frustrations, concerns, worries… etc…

I pray so hard… that I never have to battle this disease like I have had to… again!

My next steps are…. I need to have Lupron shots shut down my ovaries… because I’m taking Xarelto so I can’t have any surgery until it’s out of my body… and I’ll be on Xarelto for 3 months. Then a total hysterectomy most likely in January… and my reconstruction…. which I’m not honestly sure, because I have to be off Xarelto…. so on those things, I’ll keep you posted…. ❤

One thought on “My treatment is over!!!

  1. Dear Dawn,

    You made it!! And have weathered this horrific storm with grace & courage. Let the healing begin!!!! Love, Phyllis


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