Life Update

Let me preface this by saying… I’m tired. Extremely tired… as a matter of fact.

We had a wedding Saturday, I had to finish a shoot we had contracted for Sunday… and radiation bright and early every single day before work… and working a job, also editing the remaining weddings. It’s a lot, right now on my plate…. I’m a bit overwhelmed and tired. To say the least… I’m trying to find time in my personal life to be a Mom… and try to stay on my walking schedule… much less try to find time to be a wife…. It’s a lot of juggling right now.

4 more radiation treatments left….

But… on top of that, my new job is going great – they love me… but, I now have 3 bosses. The owner, his wife and his son… all of whom have to approve every single thing I’m doing. 3 different opinions. It’s the planning phase…. so it’s a lot of approvals…. for the brochure, the website…. it’s a phase… it will pass. But in the mean time, I have to get through it. On top of that…. I purchased an item that I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get them to pick up and the person in the industry I purchased it from, has been on a roller coaster ride with their lack of planning… and I’m in the middle and it’s really uncool…. which has stressed me out a lot.

BUT… we have a 3 day weekend ahead and NO weddings… SO I should hopefully recoup some…

And, we have a vacation planned for the beach for 1 week in August… thanks to the Lindsay family who so kindly donated their beach house so we can have a vacation…

For the past 8 months… I’ve been through HELL and back…. I’m on the back part… which feels amazing. But, when I’m tired…. it sucks. I’m tired… my body is telling me I need to clam it up a bit…. I need to listen.

Early night for me! But for now… I have to go for my walk… it’s my therapy.


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