A letter to my cancer..

I have 6 radiation treatments left… I’m almost done with my therapies… All, I can say is… Thank You! Thank you to my cancer… you opened my eyes and my mind. You have forced me to become the version of myself I only hoped to be… You’ve opened my eyes… to thankfulness, kindness… true kindness!! You’ve forced me to become physically fit and become active! I feel amazing. Absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I am not going through radiation… I didn’t feel sick when I had cancer… chemo made me sick, surgeries, etc…. But, thank you, cancer…. for making me realize the importance of time, relationships, prioritizing, etc… Thank you for the life changes you’ve forced me to make!

Thank you.

One thought on “A letter to my cancer..

  1. It’s amazing how something horrible in our lives can be a blessing. One of the happiest times in my life was when I had cancer. I had beautiful, faithful, Godly friends around me. God carried me and my FAITH was my high!!!! I can’t wait to hug you!!!!!!!!!! You are a blessing and an inspiration!!!

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