Time Warp…

Cancer really takes so much from you…. it takes your hair, it takes your eyebrows, now my eyelashes, truly your entire sense of vanity at some point, you’re seriously like…. what in the hell does it really matter anymore….. it took my fat (I’m not complaining there) but it did leave me with some sagging skin (I will complain about that) 😉    But, holy smokes…. it also takes your time. Going through chemo…. feels like you’re on a slow moving train and people are passing by in front of you quickly…. I thought, awesome… I’ll have this time to just recoup and get better…. It honestly went by so fast… Then surgery, boy that was a whirlwind…. and with wedding season thrown in the mix of it all…. Now, it’s time for radiation too… and I feel literally like I’m in a time warp. May is almost over! How in the heck did that happen????

I realllllly want to enjoy this summer! We went to the pool Monday and I had to stay in the shade…. 😦 I’m going to be covered in burns all summer…. so shade and floppy hats it is… I’m really trying to not be pissy and moany about all the things that have changed about my life…. But, please, just let time go a little more slowly…. that’s ALL I ask…. I’d really love to have a summer… despite the fact that a good portion of it will be spent in a hospital!

One of my favorite artists is Toby Keith…. I thought, awesome… one of the things I will treat myself to this summer is…. A Toby Keith Concert!!!! Went to look at the schedule… He’s NOT coming to Charlotte? Since when doesn’t he come to Charlotte??? Country Comes To Town!!!! Boo…. Toby, I haven’t made all your concerts when you have come to town… but I will REALLY miss you this year! I will be seeing Rascal Flatts, however… with my bestie… and I’m extremely excited about that!

One thing I realllllly have wanted to talk about is my BFF…. she’s in the picture I’m going to include in this blog post…. When she came to visit in January, she talked about how great it would be if she could move here to be with me during this time. I never thought it could possibly happen… They had to sell their house (which they wanted to anyway)… find jobs and move here. It’s happening. I can’t even believe what a spoiled girl I am….. her best friend and her family leaves Nashville to come to live closer to me to be nearer to me during this journey that I’m almost finished with….. I do feel a lot guilty about that. I feel like it’s an awful big sacrifice to do that…. for ME!? I’m honestly so very blessed…. Literally, it’s a week away…. and they will be here… PINCH ME!!!! Like I said… PLEASE let this summer go slowly…. so I can just soak it all up…. Unfortunately, Tracey…. it won’t be spent on rafts soaking up the rays…… with Jim Beam and Diet Cokes in our hand…. BOOOOOOO!  Water for me and I’ll watch you soak under the umbrella….. ❤ It’s time together… I’ll take it! ❤ I miss my buddy Eddie too…. he’s in this photo! Good times… good friends! Our time is not promised…. enjoy it! All of it!!! Even time spent under the umbrelly! 🙂



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