Yesterday I had the privilege to be the subject of a photo shoot from the uber talented photography team LunahZon… (http://www.lunahzon.com/)They truly are geniuses when it comes to their art form…. Amazing ideas and use of light!!!  They had a vision for this shoot and it turned out better than I could have imagined! The purpose of the shoot was to photograph me before my surgery…. breast cancer may take my breasts, but it will not take my soul! I was privileged to work with Erin Ashley Makeup (http://erinashleymakeup.com/)who graciously offered her services for this shoot and make me look amazing.. my eyes were off the hook!. Also, the Ivy Place in Lancaster, SC (http://www.ivyplaceevents.com/) was the perfect location and the brilliant Carrie from The Flower Diva (http://www.theflowerdiva.com/)who came up with this amazing head piece which encompassed a  couple loves of mine… butterflies and PINK! Jeremy & Debby spent so much time with me yesterday to make sure they got exactly the shots they were hoping for…. and in their words… this shot was extremely regal and Cleopatra… Although I flaunt my head, there are things that happen to your body when you go through chemo that quite honestly are hard to look at in the mirror…. so when you see yourself and feel this beautiful…. it’s truly an amazing feeling!

I’ve been blessed with such an amazing support group…. and the support and I love I feel is truly unbelievable at times…. Sometimes I have to admit I’m grateful to my cancer for these new people in my life that maybe I’d never have had the opportunity or taken the opportunity to know before…. People reach out and are so incredibly kind…. I am a very lucky girl…. Thank you to ALL involved…. for this opportunity…


2 thoughts on “Empowering…

  1. YAAAAY!!! I’m so glad we got to work with you! (And clearly you got to see the two of us being dumb) haha. Can’t wait to work on the rest of them!

  2. Let’s see more!

    Funny how having cancer sucks but the process of going through having it can be a really enlightening experience. Haven’t figured that one out yet but I’ll go with it for now…

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