Beach Trip!

We just got back from our mini beach trip… Mom, Tracey, Greyson and I had an amazing, relaxing time…. even though it was a bit chilly and the sun was a bit sparse… we still had lots of beach time! Greyson rolled in the sand, like it was snow…. he had so much fun! We all laughed…. we walked a lot, talked a lot…. it was just so nice! We did not want to come back…. and what I wouldn’t give to live at the beach, I seriously could get used to the walks on the beach… and this trip, I did not have to worry about the ocean air messing up my hair 🙂 We’ll be hopefully having another beach trip this summer the with family… another donated stay… one of our previous client’s have graciously told us we could stay at their condo this summer…. I’m seriously counting the days already!


We talked about a lot of things…. we tried to avoid talking a lot about my surgery…. Reality is… it’s a week away…. so close!

Soon, I will be able to hopefully put all of this behind me…. I just cannot wait!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a pic of all 3 of us….




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