One word of advice…. Good News…

Read this book!


Whether you had cancer or currently have cancer, stage I, II, III, IV or given a time stamp… read this book! Whether someone in your family has had cancer….

I am going to be taking a little hiatus from writing my blog until my surgery…. so I can give an accurate description of what’s happened to me…. but as of right now it appears to be good news! I will be the poster child of changing your diet to help cure cancer….

From the beginning of this…. before reading this book…as soon as I was diagnosed, I changed the following things about my lifestyle and diet…. I stopped drinking alcohol, diet sodas, reduced my sugar intake dramatically, stopped eating red meat, pork, wheat and stuck to gluten free products… as well as drinking alkaline water… and sticking to a largely alkaline diet… I eat a lot of veggies and fruits….

After reading this book I’ll be implementing some more changes, such as reducing dairy, eating only range free and antibiotic free meats and eggs…adding some supplements, etc…  and once I’m well enough to exercise I will be walking and hopefully running eventually as well….

It’s seeming to be good news folks… real good news. We won’t know for sure until after pathology…. but I cannot tell you how hopeful this makes me and how I will be preaching to change your diets!!!

Your body is your tool… you immune system is your tool… so many things we do on a daily basis, so many contributors…. bring our immunity down…. The biggest of these contributors being stress….

We need to change our lifestyles!!! It’s so important!

I have a ton of appointments and follow ups over the next weeks til my surgery… so I’m going to write when I have time… maybe not daily!



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