I’m writing this tonight… because chemo is bright and early in the morning….

I had the best day today…I had great visits with my parents…. twice! I had a great lunch with a new friend…. to celebrate my last chemo! I had a phone conversation with my BFF who lives in Nashville…. I came home to a surprise in my mailbox from my NC bestie….Had a great dinner and watched a movie with my family….  I reconnected with an old friend and neighbor a couple nights ago…. and I reconnected with one of my very first childhood friends today, such a wonderful surprise…. Tomorrow I have a dear friend taking me to chemo and another appointment this week…. another dear friend will be visiting while I’m there… AND two of Greyson’s NICU nurses will be coming to see me tomorrow while at chemo…. I have friends who helps with my house from time to time and friends who deliver me water and I have friends who I leave the key for and have a nice meal waiting for me after chemo…. you all know who you are… This past weekish has been really great…. I really appreciate everything!

My heart is soooo full of love! Today during my lunch conversation…. this friend reminded me that nothing is by chance… Things happen for a reason. Good and bad. I am sooo grateful for the dear ones in my life who’ve come into my life and remained by my side…. New friends, old friends…. Thank you all for helping me get through this. Love you all! Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart, every single person who has helped me in some way… no matter how little… Even if it was just a post on my Facebook wall or a text message… Just knowing I’m being thought of in some small way…. means so much to me!


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