New Lump…

I’ve found another lump on my right side… My cancer is on the left. You may recall, the MRI found some areas of concern and we talked about going into surgery to biopsy, but… opted to go ahead and start chemo since I was going to have a double mastectomy anyway. The biopsy would have delayed chemo by another month and we wanted to start fighting it…. They found atypia on the right side… and she told me it could be months or years… but the right breast would develop cancer, if it didn’t already have cancer – which we will know after surgery. 

This lump hurts. My left side didn’t hurt…. so I’m hoping it’s something funky and maybe not cancer. Although I’m not really very worried… because these babies are coming off anyway. I think if anything is concerning… it would be the fact that I may have developed another cancer during chemo. Which would mean… most likely it’s resistant to chemo. So that’s concerning… I don’t know if they will do anything different. I have 2 chemo’s left…. March 5 and 26th. There is a type of breast cancer that does cause pain… Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which is very aggressive… 

I go to my plastic surgeon tomorrow morning and then my surgical oncologist wants to see me in her office immediately following my plastic surgeon consult…. so I will update tomorrow… 

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