I have had such a level of peace lately… I have come to learn who is there to support and who truly loves me and I’m completely satisfied and have such a level of peace at this point in my journey.

I’ve come to such a level of acceptance in who I am…. I’m getting used to being bald. I’m comfortable in my skin… even with the bumps, wrinkles and puffiness…. ❤ I’ve come to accept that I may have to be flat chested if my breast reconstruction is not a good option for me… I walk around with my bald head flapping in the wind…. I don’t give it a second thought. If someone makes eye contact, I politely smile…. I get lots of head turns…. but it’s shocking, I get it… I’m not ashamed of having breast cancer. I’ve never worn my wigs… I’ve tried… they just bother me. I can’t get used to it….

Peace is just so comforting… acceptance brings peace. Acceptance of all things…. the direction my career may take, which is still very much unknown at this point… Acceptance that breast cancer doesn’t define who I am… it’s just another passing thing in my life. Acceptance of having to give up things I love….. I’m not angry, I’m not resentful…. I’m at peace with it all.

Peace is loving your life, loving the people in your life…. Peace to me is just sitting in the sunshine…. I found a quote that said… “If you’re always dreaming of being on vacation, make your every day life a happier place”.

I know so many people struggling with different things in their lives at this very moment…. I hope that this blog post finds them a level of peace… and acceptance. Re-group, re-prioritize and accept the cards you are dealt…. It’s not always easy… but it can be overcome!


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