Taste & Smell…

As I’m going to sip my coffee and I take a taste and just sit there and wish it would taste the same!!!  In the meanwhile my dog is sitting next to me… and I can’t stand the smell of him, it was wet outside… wet dog smell is the worst… I think he thinks I don’t love him anymore… I think everyone in my house with breath thinks I don’t love them anymore….When you lose your nose hairs… your sense of smell is amplified by 100X… Everything stinks.. my perfume, the smell of meat cooking, all foods cooking… onion breath…. any type of Italian breath…. I think it’s the worst… God love my family, but let’s pray these next 2 chemo cycles go quickly….  Kisses are real quick these days….

And taste…. well, I’ve touched on this before… besides the taste of medicines, your mouth tastes like you’ve sucked on a bunch of pennies…. all the time. I think maybe like 4-5 days before it’s time to start again… it might get a little better. All the things I love…. taste different. I still try to drink my coffee…. and remember how it used to taste… it just doesn’t taste the same. Some coffees taste like they should… Starbucks for instance? Why? I’m sure it’s just because it’s harder to get my hands on… lol So my diet… is pretty bland. Rice…. potatoes, baked, hash browns, mashed… potatoes in every variety…. eggs taste normal…. toast tastes normal…. I’m avoiding gluten so this reduces my options a lot. Watermelon tastes pretty good… but they are hard to get a hold of this time of year…. Peaches sound delicious too… I had chemo in the wrong season….

This photo I took from google, it has the link attached for credit… but it pretty much sums up my taste and smell….

wm-Smell and Taste

Yesterday I went and had my Neulasta shot…. the winter storm was over, but the roads were pretty glazy in places… so my parents came and picked me up, took me to get something to eat… and then we went to their house for the afternoon… it was a nice change of scenery. I napped and I reminisced over photos for a good while… it was nice to look back at the photos of my older boys… and remember times with my family, my Mom’s family, my Dad’s family… I really enjoyed it.  The purpose of my blog is to inform of the reality of chemo, the ups and downs…. etc. This go around… my nausea is ridiculous…. I have to get up in the night to keep my meds in me…. I alternate between Zofran and Lorazepam, I think I will ask next time for Phenergan…these two aren’t cutting it…. I try to eat what I can…. and I’m really trying to stay hydrated…

And I remind myself… 2 more…. 2 more!!!!

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