4 chemo’s down… 2 to go…

I know this last chemo is one that will not be forgotten… it was one of the largest storms we’ve seen in 10 years here in the south…We’ve been all tucked in… I thought they might cancel my chemo, but they didn’t…there were very few people there, but I was so grateful they didn’t cancel my chemo. I did not want to put it off… I just wanted to get it over with… At this point, I just can’t wait to be done….. By the time I left chemo.. it took Darrell and hour to get me… and for us to get home. I came home and crawled into bed…

I had a consultation with my surgical oncologist and my surgery will be in April… I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I just can’t wait for this whole process to be over… well it won’t be over for a good long time, but… just to have chemo behind me. I know the surgery will be painful… but I have a pretty high tolerance for pain…

My chemo’s have been accumulating… the side effects are getting worse each time. I feel really, really lousy…. today I napped for 4 hours. My nausea is really hard…. I’ve been trying to eat little bits and drink a lot of water….

My doctor’s are happy with my progress with chemo…. the tumor seems to be responding real well….

2 more to go…..

Today was a bit of a sad, reflective day…. 5 years ago today, we found out that we’d lost our Gabriella at my 4D ultrasound… we turned right around and went back to the doctor and she was delivered on the 14th…. I decided to write about it today… I don’t want to bring down anyone’s tomorrow…. We think of her all the time… and we have a cherry blossom tree planted in her honor…. after all this snow, we should see some blossoms…. Thinking of you always Gabriella Christine Ann Gaddy….

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