Pink has always been a favorite color of mine…..Despite the fact that the color pink defines breast cancer…. I choose to look past that and I KNOW pink will forever be a part of my life… it’s just so beautiful! I’ve been pinteresting…. is that a word? I think it is now…. ❤

These are the pink things I’m thinking of today…. Pink Peonies… spring is coming! Pink Roses…. Gabriella’s Pink Cherry Blossom Tree….. I can’t wait to start sprucing up our yard…. and walking around the neighborhood… and I honestly just can’t wait to feel normal again…. I’m so looking forward to all the things that lie ahead….. I’m grateful all of the major parts of my breast cancer will be behind me by summer…. I want to firm up this newly skinny body of mine…. and just soak up life’s moments….. we will have a beach trip planned… courtesy of some of our past wedding clients….. I just want to live…. and literally enjoy every thing. I want to redecorate my home, garage sale…. I want to spend time with my family and have silly moments…. and hopefully spend a lot more time with friends….

Speaking of pink…. my beautiful daughter turns 18 today, she’s also a lover of pink! It’s a mutual likeness we have…. I never had my own daughter, so when my boyfriend at the time (now my hubby) told me he had a daughter… I was a bit worried, how would we get along? Not one bat of an eyelash… we get along amazing – I hate to even refer to her as my step daughter… to me, she is just simply my daughter. She wanted the best for her Daddy and I quite like to think I am what’s best for him…. and she has changed my world forever! I love doing girlie girl things with her.. it’s so nice to have her around…  Brianna… I love you!

I’m just recuperating from this last round of chemo but wanted to talk a little how I love Pink… ❤


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