The Joys…

The joys of chemo….   Besides some of the usual side effects… hair loss, etc…. yayyyyyy meeee!!!!

1. Nausea… but not just any nausea – Mucositis –  painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract, usually as an adverse effect of chemotherapyand radiotherapy treatment for cancer. I am so glad I mentioned this in one of the groups… My doctor said I need to take Prilosec…

2. Constipation & Hemorrhoids – no explanation necessary – stool softeners, herbs… it’s ridiculous….

3. You lose your nose hairs…. so your snot just randomly falls out

4. Pain… from Nuelasta, it’s random… last time I thought I had a kidney infection… back pain, leg pain… just pain in general… it’s joyous!

5. Chemo Brain… stopping mid sentence when having a perfectly normal conversation and saying… “what was I saying again?” Walking into a room and not being able to remember why you went in there…. asking someone a question 5 times because you forgot you talked about it…

6. Balance… getting up and feeling like you are drunk because you need to catch your footing…

7. Fatigue… I require a lot of sleep…

8. Freezing ALL The time – If you come to my house, you will find me bundled, 2 shirts, 2 socks, hat and I will be under a blanket by the fireplace… This is probably partially due to the weight loss… but, it’s lovely… it’s part of the reason I cannot wait for warm weather! I’ve heard that it doesn’t get better even in summer, I’ll still be wrapped in a blanket

9. Chemo Rash… Day 10 after chemo….

10. Puffy Eyes Watery Eyes… Day 14 after chemo and lasts till next cycle…. repeat…

BUT!!!!! In all of this… I have not lost my eyelashes or eyebrows yet!!!!! Yay! LOL I will rejoice in the little things….

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