Winter can move right along…

It’s hard to believe January is almost over… but in a way I’m sooo happy that it is! Time is clipping right along… although many of my days feel the same… wake up… lounge… sleep… repeat…. I’m so happy that time is moving right along.  I don’t think there is another time when I’ve been so anxious for warm, spring weather! Today, we’re cooped up in the house because of our “winter blizzard”…. and it just has this chill and I stay freezing, so…. I seriously cannot wait for the warm weather to come!!  March 26th will be my last chemo…. and then I’ll have surgery in May…. I’m just so incredibly anxious to put cancer behind me…. to literally forget about cancer, how it’s affected my life…. and move right along with life. I cannot wait to have cancer behind me…. I cannot wait to find my new career path, to have a new focus…. and literally forget that cancer ever existed in my life.

Today we had an offer from one of our clients…. they are going to allow us to use their beach house in Myrtle Beach this summer. I cannot even tell you how exciting it is that we’ll have this opportunity…. We are beyond blessed… and the amazing offers we have received…. Thank you to the Lindsay family for this amazing offer!!!

I’m still struggling with nausea, it’s been really, really tough this round….. but, this time no major body aches….. so we’ll take what we can get! 🙂 

I hope everyone stays nice and toasty warm….


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