Little things…

I’m so excited… because after 2 months my stitches from my port have FINALLY fallen out! I thought I would look like Frankenstein forever! It’s the little things…

This round of chemo has brought intense nausea… but this morning I seem to be feeling a bit better…. thankfully! It’s strange how each time certain symptoms seem more prominent than others and the next time it will be different….

I’ve been trying to focus on what I have to look forward to coming up… after my best friend left on Sunday, I’ll be honest… I’ve been a little down… I’m half way through chemo, but… still a long road ahead… Praying that spring weather comes soon, so that I can maybe get outside and walk…. take Greyson to the park, etc… take some time to be a Mom… In May most likely I’ll be having my double mastectomy and I’ll be recovering from that… soon after , I’ll have to re-direct my career somehow… so I can look forward to what that might be… re-entering the workforce most likely….

I hope that maybe we can take some time as a family this summer and spend time together, I actually entered to hopefully be granted a vacation for cancer patients…. at one of the beaches in NC… that would be so amazing for our family!! 

Many people in my life have stepped forward… some I would have considered friends before…. now I most definitely consider close friends… it is so true that during times like this you find out who your friends are…. some have come and stayed and I know will never leave… some have really come forward and I never expected it…. I really look forward to cultivating those friendships and being the kind of friend in return that they have been to me….

It’s the little things… enjoy your Tuesday!




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