4 more chemo’s…

I’ve not had much new to report this time after chemo.. I’m 4 days past…  the nausea has been relentless despite all the meds they have me on…. I’m praying it will subside after a few more days… I’m achey from the Neulasta shot… and I’m just overall pretty tired… but, I think I’m handling it pretty well… considering. My eye puffiness has gone down a lot… my eyes aren’t teary at the moment… but they did tell me the teary eyes are definitely from Taxotere… so the puffiness could’ve been from the UTI like my doctor said because it was an infection or the teary eyes… who knows, I’m just glad it’s subsided…

My husband has literally been doing everything…. I could not do it without him. Thank goodness for all the meals provided so that he doesn’t have so much to do…. but he’s holding down the fort with everything else… even if it means getting me nausea meds at 3:30am…

Last night I got a pretty stellar night’s sleep…. I slept from about 8:30-6:30 this morning…

Just planning to have a lazy day in this cold, chilly weather….


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