Things to look forward to.. Party!

I have some great news… they agreed to let my next chemo be delayed for one day… til the 23rd, so that I can hopefully attend the fundraiser all our friends are planning for us…. Exactly 21 days away!!! Eeek!!!

My friends are keeping everything very secretive, so many surprises are in store… but I do know that it’s probably a great idea to reserve your tickets.. so I’ll post the link here… for you to reserve your tickets…

On January 21, my best friend arrives… and then I’ve got another very special surprise in store…. a photog that has taken the Charlotte market by storm… has decided to do a glam shoot for me. I’m unaware of any of the details…. so it should be interesting…. but I sure hope I feel beautiful because these days…. I haven’t felt so hot lately… If anyone can make cancer look amazing, it’s this photog…

I’ll have a day to play on the 22nd with my BFF and family…. Then the 23rd, I’ll have chemo….. The 24th in the morning I’ll have to have my Neulasta shot…. and then I imagine I’ll go get glammed up for the party….. I’m beyond excited…. I pray I’m in good enough shape to enjoy myself!!! I am just so grateful I’ll have an opportunity to be there….

Yesterday, we took a few pics…. after I had been already drugged up with Benadryl… and my cocktail of choice…. 😉 Only 4 more to go….

Always freezing… lol

unnamed (1) unnamed

I’m looking forward to not shaving…. I’m looking forward to losing all my peach fuzz on my face…. a few stray whiskers that come with being 40+…. I’m looking forward to a new set of boobs…. 1. lets pray that chemo and mastectomy clear my margins… so maybe I don’t need radiation (unlikely, but I’ll be hopeful)… 2. I’ll most likely get a tummy tuck and/or a leg lift to make enough skin for them to work….  3.Once my hair grows back… I lose my puffy….. I’m thin from my new lifestyle…. which I will NEVER stop because I will NEVER allow my body to fail me like this again….. I could very well be one smoking 41/42 year old…… 😉 This is definitely something to look forward to…. Here’s to hoping!!!

After chemo yesterday… I feel like I’ve been steam trained…. nothing new…. nausea, my legs feel like elephants…. foggy headed…. but…. I’m 1/3 complete…. and closer to my goal…. being cancer free!!! ❤

I continue to thank all of the people in my life who are loving me and supporting me through this….. I’m so incredibly loved…. it’s so amazing… Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Things to look forward to.. Party!

  1. Those are some great things to look forward too!! That positive mindset is what will get you there!! You have always, and still are extremely hot, regardless if you feel like it or not. Keep up the fight!!! 🙂

  2. I must admit I too love the benadryl! Some of my best SLEEP , but it has to be in IV form…….for some reason the bottle just does not have the same effect! lol U look so amazing, beautiful in these pics! So far I have not seen a BAD ONE! I am hoping my scans are great, so I do not have to go back on chemo. Have been enjoying that break….. Although , there are after pains….Chemo does horrible things to the body….all MY JOINTS ACHE! However, back to the shaving thing…… places I forgot I’d have to shave AGAIN!!!!! LOL . I am looking forward to the Benefit. Another reason I pray I won’t have to go on a chemo! I can’t wait for ur glamor shots! Every picture tho, already has been beautiful….. One other good thing is haha THE BODY LIFT FOR BOOBS! See, my friend there can be advantages! KEEP UR AMAZING ATTITUDE 80% OF BEATING THIS IS JUST THAT! So, far u have that covered as well as all the WONDERFUL SUPPORT! I know I have been going thru this along time, and yes some people still inspire me, U being at the top of that list! Love the blogs and the amazing sense of humor! Keep that UP! Hugs and much love girl!!!!!!! PRAYERS ALWAYS!

  3. You are already smokin’! I don’t know anyone else that can pull of bald, puffy and naseated with such class. Lol. Love you and sending virtual hugs. I wish I could come to the party, but you’ll be in my thoughts.

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