Marc Defang New York, Alfred Wong Hong Kong… And a few others…

Every single day it seems there are some amazing things happening… monumental things! I have several people I NEED to thank….

Today… my day began when I stopped in at Total Tranquility Salon in Indian Trail and Sharon had modified my wig that I bought, styled it and she highlighted it…. It’s gorgeous… I was so thrilled to see it…

photo (7)

Then later that day, she shaved my head for me…. and this was really a way for me to empower myself and show cancer that it will not determine my hairs final time. I did.

Shortly after my appointment… Diane Esposito came over… with Tillie Bonney – Kerna with my shoes… they were slightly small so they were stretched to fit me… ❤ I have some photos of them on my feet and they are absolutely stunning (minus my lack of pedicure)… I need to thank Marc Defang New York for these amazing shoes…. I LOVE THEM!!!! Marc also arranged for me to have another gorgeous wig which I absolutely love!!!  and Tillie took some photo photos that I’ll share with you…. His best friend Alfred Wong from Hong Kong.. the largest wig manufacturer in Hong Kong…. sent me this amazing wig…. Shoes 003 Shoes 0021504205_10202199207877661_1808463208_o

I am so grateful to all of you for making yet another day so incredibly special…. NOT to mention all of the love and support shown to me with my new bald head… I’m truly overwhelmed… and if I do say so myself…. I can pull it off!!! I’m amazed…. it’s strange feeling but…. it’s truly not the end of the world after all….

1484156_10202791569219123_1455985351_n 1488232_10202791569739136_1227228064_n 1525631_10202791570019143_390323133_n


I love you all VERY much…even those I’ve not met….

Many, many thanks!!!!


One thought on “Marc Defang New York, Alfred Wong Hong Kong… And a few others…

  1. With every step you take, your gonna have some amazing people who have your back!! You are gorgeous, you are strong, you are beautiful!!!

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