Going Bald….



Bald Head 004 Bald Head 005 Bald Head 024 BW Bald Head 028 Bw Bald Head 033 BW Bald Head 038 BW Bald Head 042 BW Bald Head 053 BW Bald Head 056 Bald Head 061 BW Bald Head 068 BW Bald Head 072 BW Bald Head 073 BW Bald Head 076 BW Bald Head 077 Bald Head 080 Diane & I 005


Many thanks to Sharon from Total Tranquility Salon for hosting me for this process…. and thank you for being courageous to do it for me – also thank you for coloring and styling my beautiful wig (wig #1) !!! Thank you to Tillie Bonney-Kerna for bringing me my shoes…. and many, many, many thanks to Marc Defang for finding me another gorgeous wig…. it’s albsolutely beautiful!!! Thank you toDiane Marie Esposito for coming to see me…. and support me!!! Love you all!!!!


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