A Shining Moment….

Over these past weeks… being told you have cancer, you cry… a lot! You get angry… you find acceptance…. and then you make a decision that you can’t change it and so you might as well make the best of it…. I cut my hair off and then I buzzed it off…. all of these changes, felt empowering… but I can’t truly say that I’ve felt gorgeous or beautiful through it all…. and going through chemo…. you feel less than beautiful for sure….

IMG_5354 IMG_5413 IMG_5435 IMG_5452 IMG_5467 IMG_5510 IMG_5533 IMG_5539 IMG_5551 IMG_5559 IMG_5603 IMG_5609 IMG_5682 IMG_5685

Yesterday I had my head shaved in an effort to show cancer that it doesn’t control me…. I will control my life … and cancer will not control me….

My daughter is in town and she is seriously the most amazing photographer… 17 years old and she has the most amazing, booming business…. I’d like to take credit for her talent, but she’s not related by blood… but by marriage…. Since her father is an amazing photographer as well, he gets all of the credit….  She hasn’t even graduated high school…. She also did my makeup and I did not guide or instruct her on these photos…. or edit them… this is entirely HER talent….

Today, Brianna… you made me feel gorgeous…. and I love you so incredibly much… and I’m so thankful to have you in my life… Thank you for these beautiful photos… plus the beautiful video that you made for me….. You inspire me…. thank you for my shining moment….

4 thoughts on “A Shining Moment….

  1. She is amazing, they both are. Brianna and Brook are both gorgeous and so talented in many ways!!!! i had already told Bri she is gonna have to do my make up one day. This girl has an amazing career ahead of her. love her to pcs! Dawn u look amazing, and I know and relate whole heartily with all u have said! Cancer is not pretty, but u my dear are!!!!!!!!!

  2. you are just so beautiful – inside and out!! I read your blogs every time they are up but don’t always get to comment due to the chaos of the kids. But there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you or say a prayer. Dawn you are so loved by so many people you have never even met – sending you strength, love and light today and every day!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous and so are you. I am very proud of the way both girls have grown up and how they are going to do big things. Merry Christmas to you all. Love, their Aunt Tina

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