This is no joke…

This is seriously no joke…. It’s not intolerable…. but it’s also miserable at the same time. You can tell it’s toxic… the headache is toxic… the nausea feels like burning… When I’m laying down, the nausea doesn’t bother me so badly…. when I’m up and around, it hits like full force… And there is a general ache deep in my bones…

Today I’ve managed to get some of the soup that Marleen (my primary doctor, thank you I need your recipe) sent me… and it really sits well, but I can just take a bit at a time…. and a part of a piece of toast…. and mostly water….

When I’d found out I had breast cancer, I changed my lifestyle dramatically, lots of fresh fruits and steamed veggies, very little meat… An alkaline balanced diet… I will eat some chicken and fish…. and doing that I’d lost about 12lbs…. They told me steroids would probably make me gain weight, but they didn’t…. I am down another 4lbs.. since chemo started on Wednesday. I’m at my all time lowest weight right now…. so I imagine more will come off….  especially if we don’t get the nausea under control. They’ve got me on Larazepam for nausea… it makes me super sleepy…. so when I take it, I almost instantly need to nap…. I will give it this weekend to try to work… and if it’s not better Monday I will ask them to change it up….

Many thanks to Andrea Owens at Total Tranquility Salon in Lake Park (Indian Trail)… for the relaxing, wonderful massage…. I came home…. and went right to sleep…. for a good few hours… Success!

Thank you for the package today from Annette Rockenstein from Cali… she sent me a care package with some natural deoderant, lip balm and hand lotion from Arbonne. Thank you… so much..

Also thank you to Jamie Geiss who sent me a huge package of hand sanitizer from The Body Shop and it is safer for you.. than traditional hand sanitzer….

Love & Hugs…. 124 days to go…

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