Day 1 after chemo…

The nausea had already hit by last night…. and they are giving me Lorazepam for nausea which is actually an anti-anxiety drug…. but it’s used for nausea in chemo patients… It knocks you out when you take it… and it honestly only works awhile and you have to wait 8 hours to take it…. I could stand to lose some weight when I started… for sure. But in a month, as of this morning despite steroids which are supposed to make me gain weight, I’ve lost a good bit of weight, about 14 pounds… Today the nausea is literally relentless and it’s like nothing I’ve experienced… it’s like a burning nausea…. The headache is also very much there… it’s like a burning on the scalp… yucky.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning after reading and email and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I was able to grab a snuggly nap with my little…. I felt better after napping, but after walking around… it’s back in full force… so back to the couch I go…. 1 day down… 125 to go…. before chemo is over…  Some people I know have done this countless times….I plan to do everything I can, everything in my power… to never have to do this again!!!

Back to the couch…


4 thoughts on “Day 1 after chemo…

  1. Please tell me that is not the only thing they have u for nausea! Promethazine is generic for phrengan u need ATLEAST 25 milligram tablets. Dawn, there are ALOT of other more effective meds….

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