1 down… 5 to go…


First day of chemo… we took more pics… but I’m not feeling up to uploading them… just yet.

I did well for chemo… they gave me lots of drugs… benadryl made me very tired… I have a foggy headache… on the top of my head… and literally the nausea just hit me in the last 10 minutes…. it feels like a burning tummy ache, almost… They said it will take a couple days for the full effects to hit… She also said in the next 10-14 days.. my hair will probably start to fall out… but it won’t fully fall out until my next appointment… She suggested I shave it when it falls out because it’s annoying….

My heart has been giving me hard thumps every one in awhile… and they monitored me while there… but they feel it’s probably from the steroids…

Thank you Dayna for your kindness today.. the cupcakes (I ate some of one, probably wasn’t a good idea)… and the yummy ginger salad… I think that will be a staple for me… and thank you for spending time with me… LOVE & HUGS…

Also want to mention the amazing emails I received today… from Kristin Vining and Julie Staley from old South..  some lucky brides may be thrilled that they will  have these amazing photogs covering their weddings with Darrell… ❤

3 thoughts on “1 down… 5 to go…

  1. Hi dawn!
    Though I’ve no experience with chemo we have our own set if medical problems over here. I can not imagine what you are going through but I want you to know I am praying for you. I know you will do just fine going through all this. Well maybe emotionally will be hard but you will get through it!!! I know I’m for away but if there’s anything I can do please reach out! And just know that you are loved!

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