Amazed… and so spoiled….

Tonight…. in my kitchen Diane Marie Esposito and Tillie Bonney-Kerna came to my house… Diane with cards, that got me crying….. and Tillie brought dinner… They presented me with a gift.. had I known I was going to be filmed today…. I would have gotten dressed up, I’ve been teary all day…

Anyway….. Tillie presented me with this gift…. I was in tears before she even opened it, I knew it was special… the way they presented it to me… I was literally shaking and crying…. I am absolutely blown away that Marc Defang (New York) someone that I have never met in my life… (a friend of Tillie’s) make me the most beautiful pair of shoes…. a pair of shoes like no other I have ever owned in my life…… shoes I have drooled over when my brides have worn shoes like them….. Seriously Marc, I cannot thank you enough… the video and the photos will show my reaction… Diane & Tillie both photographed and Diane took video…. I’m not only blessed, but I’m spoiled rotten….. Wow, I cannot believe the generosity… Thank you, seriously… I will blog too… after we eat Tillie’s delicious dinner, she brought us…..


Are you crying Mom??? Yes, but they are happy tears…. No they’re not!!! He’s so cute…


Tears streaming….

They are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Marc Defang!!!


2 thoughts on “Amazed… and so spoiled….

  1. What a fabulous present!

    I’m sooo happy you’re getting such wonderful support from your friends and family. You are blessed!

    All the best on your long journey. I know you will beat this monster!!

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