Am I ready for this???

Today, my journey begins…. I get my port put in… the port will allow them easy access to put my medicine in and take blood easily….

It’s felt so surreal…. until now…

Tomorrow I have to start taking steroids to prepare…

Wednesday I’ll start TAC chemo…

Initially, I felt like I had an army behind me…. But, it’s become more of a circle now…. I’ve had this amazing circle of people who’ve surrounded me…. I know that this is probably going to be one of the hardest experiences I will ever have to go through… but with this circle of people who’ve proven to love and care about me…. I feel like I am ready…

I’m scared. I’m really scared…. but, I can do this….



6 thoughts on “Am I ready for this???

  1. It’s ok and normal to be a little scared! However, I felt tremdous excitement and relief that THIS WAS GONNA KILL THE BEAST! And keep me here with tho ones that needed me! Once I got started it was Game On! I called it spa day! Because it was ALL about me! Hugs and prayers friend!

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