Taking a break…

I have so much stuff to get caught up on… and there’s no sense dwelling on what I cannot change…. so for the here and now I am going to focus on what I need to complete, the remaining tasks for the business… take a small hiatus from Facebook, other than to maybe let you know when I have a blog post… I have had such an overwhelming outpouring of support… I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate it… I’m sure Diane and others will keep me updated…

Right now, I have a lot of fear of the unknown… and so until I know… I’m just going to try to focus on what needs to be focused on…

Thank you Katie for handling the studio sales… for me… I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of this…

Thank you to Diane for creating the site to try to help us through this… if you want it…. http://www.gofundme.com/5kihio

Yesterday I went to have my ECHO done and I went for genetics counseling, but it was extremely expensive and that is just not in the cards for us, right now…. They said my risk is 5% or 1 in 20…. eventually maybe when I’m insured I will choose to have it completed… I may just go ahead and have them remove my girl parts to avoid the ovarian cancer risk…. I will eventually want to have it done to know if I have passed it onto my boys…  but that will come in time…

On the bright side.. while I was there yesterday… I found my wig… 🙂

photo 1

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