Thanks & Stuff…

I have so many things to be thankful for… I cannot believe the people who’ve donated to the go fund me page that Diane has created… do you know that most of them are complete strangers? How incredibly humbling… Diane called me last night and told me… and I was just absolutely blown away. It’s truly unbelievable and so heart warming…  and it’s been shared by 196 people?!

My sister in law called me yesterday and told me she would come clean my house once a week… she told me to call her and let her know and I told her… I’m so bad at asking… so bad. I will ask my best friend, I will ask my Mom… but it’s so hard to ask people…  I read an article recently about what not to say to people who have cancer… it was informative to me, because I have probably said the wrong thing…. but one thing that stuck in my mind… and I will implement in my life…. is, don’t ask… just do.. not that you just show up, but you say… I will be there at 7 to bring you….. or I will be there tonight, if you’re well to watch a movie if you’re up to it… When someone is sick, the last thing they want to do is burden someone. If you just do.. they can’t say no…. My life is going to be completely different and I will now probably be that go to person… and I will be the person to make meals and I will be the person to lean on…. I’ve been so incredibly blessed by so many people…

I need to thank Jamie for the conversation last night.. it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other… and we’ve rescheduled a bunch of times… and I told her… if it’s not now, it may not be anytime soon… so let’s just do it. I’m glad we did… These are the things for the last literally years… I’ve just not done. I’ve not had those girls conversations…. I’ve not taken the time, not because I didn’t want to… but I couldn’t… I’ve been so busy with work…. It is so nice to just talk to someone else…. of course, we talked about me some…. but it’s so nice to talk to someone else about what’s going on in their life…

Thank you to Ines, Juliet, Amelia and Tillie who have graciously offered to bring my family meals…. that is so appreciated… although I’m not going through chemo just yet… we are SO incredibly busy… too busy. I’ve actually decided that no more evenings will I be going out and doing things until chemo.. They told me I need to rest and rest up for what’s ahead…. so I really need to do that!

We are trying to sell all of our studio items so that we can move what’s left…. we need to move it out this weekend… Thank you so much to Katie O’Neil Greico for organizing and keeping track of the sold items… and meeting people there to pick them up… I was so completely overwhelmed with that task….. thank you, thank you…

And, there’s one more thing I’d love to address in this blog… 

This year, we will not be taking on anymore new weddings…. and honestly we’re not sure what next year will bring… But, Darrell will finish up the contracts that we have currently…. Darrell would love to spread the word among all the photographers…. that he will be available as a 2nd shooter for dates that we are not booked…. He’s a freaking amazing photographer and of course we have plenty of gear, lighting, etc…. and he would be an phenomenal addition to any photographer…. It would be immensely appreciated if you would consider having him…. because we REALLY depended on the income for photography and it’s going to be months before we have any money coming back in….. and I PRAY that our brides will understand and not have any issues with just Darrell shooting with another shooter. I tried to call one of my brides yesterday…. and she didn’t answer and I was in part…. so thankful. I don’t know if I was ready…. If they cancel, which some very well may…. Darrell will need to make extra income now more than ever…. so I pray that the Charlotte Photography Industry…. will embrace a fantastic addition to their team…. Please contact me if you are interested….

Many, many thanks….

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