Chemo & A Plan…

Today’s visit with the oncologist was very informative… and a little scary. There are lots of side effects of chemo… but, it appears that the benefits outweigh the risks…I pray I am able to avoid any of the horrible things they scared me with today… 

Bare with me through my roller coaster ride of emotions. My emotions change by the moment… 

So, we have a plan… December 9th, I’ll receive my port… December 11th, will be my first day of TAC chemo. I’ll receive treatments every 3 weeks for 4.5 months. This too shall pass… 

I’ve been mourning the loss of my ability to act as a photographer for our company… but, we’ve decided that rather than allow all the hard work we’ve invested over the past years… to go to waste… Darrell will continue to shoot, because he is a phenomenal photographer and we will find a fabulous 2nd shooter…. and I will oversee everything. I will find a fabulous wig.. and hopefullyhave my makeup artist friends who can teach me how to learn my new way to apply makeup. ❤

I’m trying desperately to see the positive, to find my way… and find peace with all of this. I find myself smiling a little more than I’m crying…. and I will take that for now… ❤


6 thoughts on “Chemo & A Plan…

  1. I found your blog through a friend who follows your photography work. I was diagnosed with IDC on my right side July 2012 and went through a bilateral mastectomy, 6 rounds of TAC chemo and 36 radiation treatments. I was stage 1a at diagnosis but stage 3a after surgery as the cancer hazard spread to my lymph nodes. Please contact me if you ever need support. Especially check out my blog from last October about all the fee things you can get now that you have cancer. Best of luck as you begin this journey!

      • No sorry I wrote it wrong! They staged me at 1A because of the size of my tumor (2.5) but after they saw it spread to 5 lymph nodes I am stage 3A. I was estrogen and progesterone. I just read about your genetics. My insurance covered the BRCA but not the BART but my oncologist called them to ask the to cover the cost for me because I was high risk. Ask your doctors to do the same! Those companies have millions and a $300 test is nothing to them!

  2. Hello…my sister knows your aunt Gaye. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma 3 years ago. Stage 2B. 2 lymph nodes were cancerous. I had 8 treatments of chemi and 33 radiation treatments…along with double mastectomy. And you are right…this too shall pass.
    This is one year that will suck…and then you can enjoy your life again. I know I always wanted to talk to other survivors with a similar diagnosis so if you ever want to talk…I am happy to share my 3 tears of knowledge! 🙂 wishing you the Best on your journey…stay positive…and keep your eye on the prize! 443-812-2630.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this news. My father was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer of the small intestine years ago he fought for years when they didn’t give him long at all (it shakes you to the core) ….by the time I heard of this treatment it was too late for him….. but I see an acupuncturist in Michigan…. He said they have been using a type of mushroom in China to reduce tumors etc in cancer patients…i don’t know a whole lot about it (as my dad was in hospice by the time i found out about it) but i believe that there are other resources that can help… and just felt the need to tell you what i had heard incase you wanted to seek additional help….he’s helped a lot of people with a lot of different ailments. He has his MD as well…..his name is Dr. Roy Liu take a look at his website if you think you may want to see if he could help you. I wish you strength and courage in this difficult time. You seem like a very strong determined person. Prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Mikah

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