Beautiful life

My last posts have been extremely negative and I stretch the reason to being out of my control… I was given a drug I did not need and going off of it has been the best thing, I could’ve done for myself. I’m me again!  I’m so thankful…

This week has been a week of lots of positivity… And a lot of heartache. It really puts things in perspective for you, when you see someone’s life lost to cancer. I’ve watched Joey Feek’s battle. Such a beautiful person… But equally as beautiful was her husband Rory’s sentiments to his wife. I read the blog of his wife’s passing and you cannot help but bawl…. What a wonderful human being. I’m sure watching someone suffering from this disease, it makes you want what’s best for them.. Not necessarily what’s best for you… Keeping them with you. I’m going to include his blog… I warn you, it’s heart wrenching.. And beautiful at the same time.

a dream come true

I sat with a dear friend this week who lost her father and she’s trying to find her new way of normal. It’s such a battle… Those left behind. But, I’m so incredibly proud of her, because she’s doing it. Something she probably thought was imaginable… She’s managing to find her way. It still hurts and the thoughts pass through her mind and the tears fall… But, she’s finding reasons to smile and laugh. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m so proud of you Katie. We all know how hard this is for you… And so many of us are here for you. Trying to relate in some way, if nothing else… Just to hug you and hold your hand.

Another friend is battling stage 4 breast cancer that is causing her unbelievable pain, but she’s finding the positives in each day. Each day is a gift. It truly is. I’m resolving to find beauty in each and every thing and every day…. Life isn’t fair, things are thrown at each and every one of us.  We ALL have our struggles.

This fear of the disease I face is going to be ongoing…. But it’s out of my control. It’s so much easier to give it to God and allow him to battle  it for you…

Please, if you can… Say a few prayers… My follow up appointment is Monday.. To say I’ve been feeling my best, would not be the truth… I’ve had so many little things that have scared me and they turned out to be absolutely nothing. From a spot in my eye, to new spots in my breast, to pain in my spine and tailbone… Everything was normal. I pray this is the case, this follow up. And… If not, I will continue to fight!!! Just like everyone else faced with this disease!

I know so many people came to love Joey… Me included. Not knowing someone and falling in love with them, they way we did with her… It’s just beautiful. I will continue to pray for her family… Finding beauty in the things that she has touched in their beautiful life…




One thought on “Beautiful life

  1. I love you. This is a great post. Life is hard and some of us go through such terrible things and we wonder why? Why me? What have I done?
    The only thing I can do is take it minute by minute. Some days are better than others. Some days I want to just stay in bed under the covers and not talk to anyone. Dad wouldn’t want me to do that, but he would also understand why it’s necessary sometimes. It’s my new normal and it SUCKS!

    How do you go on from losing your spouse? Your biggest safety blanket. My thoughts and prayers are with Feek family. You don’t know how strong and powerful you are until you have no other choice but to be! xo

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