Appreciation & Loyalty

0467d9daa1ea15e27aeefd041d86f7afThis post is directed to all of the wedding vendors and people who stood by my side during my cancer journey! I’m happy to say that I am halfway done with radiation and then I will be able to ring that bell and hopefully declare myself cancer FREE!!!

Never in my life, did I expect cancer to happen… and never in my life did I expect or anticipate the outpouring of support I received… and some people silently supported me… It has been a long, painful… journey! I’ve had a lot of bumps in the road… but I hope I’ve handled it with grace.

During this time, as you know… I was completely lost at the thought of losing my career… it’s my love, my passion…

However!! It turns out I’ll be staying in the industry with my new job working as Director of Weddings & Events for Chef’s Catering out of Matthews, NC.

What I think is absolutely so amazing is that now I can somehow pay back…. pay forward, however you want to say it… in some way. Maybe just referrals… and support… but it’s amazing to me and I’m so happy that I’ve been directed in this way!

So, I’d officially love to announce…. On August 22, 2014 we’ll be having an event for the wedding vendors… to come have have some “Cocktails, Cuisine & Conversation”… I hope to see you there! We’ll have Head Over Heels Weddings & Events helping us to coordinate the day, the fabulous Rick Hyburg and his brand new company “Celebration Sounds” to come and provide some entertainment…. Shutterbooth has committed to provide us with their fun photobooth,  The Bead Lady will be there to give the ladies some lovelies in beautiful Tiffany boxes… The Flower Diva has committed to make our tables beautiful…. Carolina Cake Artistry will be providing yummy treats, as well as Sky’s The Limit Bridal Sweets and Tasty Treats by Kelly will be providing some delicious yummy treats as well! Chef’s Catering will provide a full array of wine & beer, as well as their delicious cuisine for you all to come and try…. If you’d like to be a part in some way, the more the merrier! We’d be happy to have you…. but if not, please reserve the date! Come out and say hi and I honestly cannot wait to see you all there…. This is my future and that is honestly all I intend to focus on…..and helping make Chef’s Catering’s wedding & events division a smashing success!

I honestly cannot even possibly name all of the different people who’ve helped me in some way…. touched my life in some way… even just a simple Facebook message or a supportive comment….. has meant the entire world to me and honestly has helped me through this chapter in my life…. I’d love to close the book and move onto the next one! With open arms and a lot of smiles…. I can’t wait to see you!!! Some of you I’ve not even met in person…  This event is going to be Tiffany & Co themed as is our whole rebranding….

Feel free to stop by anytime you are in Matthews or if you’d like to grab a healthy lunch 🙂 1730 Matthews Township Parkway, Matthews, NC…

Please mark your calendars for our cocktails, cuisine & conversation, event!

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