New Ventures…

When I found out that my breast cancer not only stopped my career in it’s tracks, but it also would prevent me from carrying on…. it honestly devastated me! I’ve been lost for months… I’ve tried not to worry about it,I’ve tried to rely on the fact that I’ve been guided in so many ways and this would be no different… but, how could I take my diverse skill set and make it work for another employer? Well, as it turns out…. my first interview, my first encounter…. appears that it could not be more perfect. The location, their flexibility, their openness to my input and suggestions…. everything. They have told me how excited they are for me to help branch out with their business…

I was offered a position on Friday with a company local to Charlotte. I won’t go into details just yet what I’m doing and who I’ll be working for until I have a signed contract… But, this company is family owned… I’ll be able to keep up with the wedding industry and all of the amazing friends and contacts I’ve made… They’re allowing me to basically breathe fresh air into their business… Taking my suggestions, changing their space… allowing me to help revamp their branding… They told me, it’s like my business within their business. It’s given something to be excited about…. something I can own. Something I can spend my wee hours designing and calculating in my head. I gave up a lot when I had cancer… my career which I’m really, really good at! I loved every aspect of what I do… but most of all, what I loved was my brides. And I’ll be able to continue to have a relationship with brides…. and hopefully to the degree I have had with Greyson Steele Photography. Loving what I do… and believing in what I do…

We had mulled over all of our options, but having been forced to take a step backwards… and really losing all our income over those rough winter months, that really set us back financially… there would be no way to re-start over… My husband works a full time job and has for years while we’ve grown this business. We were right on track for him to quit this year and join me full time…. and then cancer happened. I was resentful for a good, long time….. BUT… now, I realize…. that may not have been the best decision, it may have been difficult on our marriage, our finances…. I’m not exactly sure the ramifications of  what would have been. We thought.. maybe Darrell could continue photographing with another shooter and I manage it….. but after really considering all of the options, we opted it was best for me to find full time employment… One of the biggest reasons is health insurance. Especially now, I need benefits….

Over these past months… the wedding industry came together and rallied in support to help me. The outpouring was amazing. Truly unbelievable on many aspects. So many individuals silently supported me and went out of their way in some way to support me! All of these individuals…. didn’t expect anything in return. I didn’t think there was any way I could repay them….. Honestly, just being kind  and thoughtful to me…. is enough for me to feel like I would love to repay in some way…. I’m terrible at thank you cards, even though I received stationary from Three Little Birds… I had so many people doing so many things for me and during chemo, I just became overwhelmed…. I’m way off track in the thank you card department….. BUT, it turns out…. I will not be leaving the industry altogether. And… I intend in some way, whether it’s through vendor recommendations…. or blog posts or something highlighting their business. I will find a way to pay it forward….. Not because I feel like I have to…. but because I genuinely want to! There are some people that truly have been so unbelievably kind to me at just the right time…. I have not forgotten you…. I promise!

The position I’m taking on, is not going to be an easy one… I’m going to have to honestly work my hind end off… Networking, relationships…. but if anyone knows anything about me after all of this… I’m DETERMINED, I’m STRONGER than I ever thought possible and I’m UNSTOPPABLE. My husband said it perfectly…. Anyone who hires me, will be getting an MVP… I’ve had the opportunity to catch my shining star… and now I’m going to hop onto someone else’s train and latch onto theirs…. Could I fall flat on my face? Maybe… but there is one thing about me, I work VERY hard and I do not give up!  I’m forced to do something completely different, yet the same in a way…. I lost my career and now I have to create an entirely new one. I pray that I’m received within the industry with open arms, I have no desire to discuss anything that happened in my past, I want to focus solely on my future…. I want to shine and I plan to do everything within my power to do that…. I REALLY needed this new focus.

I can’t wait to share my plans, my dreams for this new company and my new ownership of my new role…. I could not honestly be more excited!!!!

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I’ve done it before….. and I’ll do it again! ❤ I can’t wait to see all of you in my near future!!! ❤


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