Soooo tired lately….

I’ve been unable to stay awake lately after 8:30-9… and sleeping til 7am+…. My husband thinks I may be anemic because I’ve given up red meat….. which is entirely possible. So I will be headed to vitamin shoppe today to find something to supplement my iron. I eat tons of spinach and that is full of iron…. but apparently the iron you get from red meat is entirely different.

I found this amazing link yesterday for those who are considering clean eating and don’t have menu ideas and need it spelled out….

I found this sheet to use for myself as well…. I can’t eat soy because my cancer is hormone fed and soy creates estrogen…. but the others, are great sources…. I’ve been eating walnuts and almonds a lot lately, actually…. but these aren’t on these lists…. So this morning I think I’ll have some quinoa for breakfast…. 🙂

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