Wo… wo… wo… worry…..


Why do I let myself worry?

Every single cancer patient can relate…. It’s hard not to worry. It’s hard not to let your mind go there…. and worry about every little pain, worry about being here for your family or your kids…. It’s next to impossible to not worry to some degree…. I’m the biggest worrier I think God ever created. I have worried about things that will never happen….

This worry is very real, however… and unfortunately it is the reality of anyone who’s had cancer.

But, there comes a time… when you have to give it to God. Throw your burdens on him….

I had a visit with a friend yesterday who’s being treated for Stage 4 breast cancer. They’ve given her a time stamp and she is not focusing on those numbers. She amazes me… she’s out there worshiping and doing everything in her power to “walk with God”… We change our diets, we change our lifestyle, we undergo all these treatments….. and we rely on him….. I can’t imagine being in her shoes…. but she is truly the most positive, amazing person I’ve met…. and she IS going to beat this thing and she IS going to be that amazing one at the end of that tail….

I have stage 3 breast cancer and we discussed this yesterday… With Lobular cancer  it’s very sneaky and not detectable at times… So I have to trust that everything that I am doing…. to prevent a recurrence… is putting me in remission. And 5 years from now… I’ll have beaten those odds as well….

I have to trust that the doctors will do everything in their power to protect my heart and my lungs from radiation….

And… put everything in his hands…

My surgeon highly recommends relaxation and meditation…. lymphatic massages and relaxation. I’ve been trying each day to spend at least 10 minutes on Calm.com… it really does help a lot. And… prayer. It helps so incredibly much.

When we worry it robs us of today’s peace…. Give it to God… we can only control what we can physically control… diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, limiting stress…..

I need to heed my own advice…. ❤


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