Losing weight isn’t all that great….

I think my whole entire life I would have done some crazy things to be at the weight I am now and suffice to say, I never even came close… Maybe if I was 20 at this weight, it would be ok…. But being almost 42 and at this weight…. isn’t so great! I’m not complaining… in clothes it’s ok… Thank goodness for Yoga Pants!

Let’s say… I’ve always had an ample behind…. My body is strange… From my waist up, I have NO fat. NONE. Like you can’t pinch any fat…. And then there is the bottom half… I’m you’re typical hourglass figure… Or I was. I have lost my butt…. I didn’t think that was possible…

Today in the dressing room, I was mortified….. I caught a glimpse of myself…. and this is what I saw…..


I’m not talking the little one…. the big one…. I’m like a Grandma back there who needs to grow into her skin…..

There is a reason when you’re older that you should have some weight on you…..

Dr. Clavin is talking about taking skin from back there….. oh my gee…. I don’t know if I want that on my boobs… :O

He is awfully talented however, maybe he can fix it all….. it’s a hot mess!

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