This chemo has been brutal on me with nausea…I’ve been flip flopping my meds to stay somewhat free of nausea… I’ve lost a total of 25lbs now… I will regain some before the next one, that’s typically how it goes… but today, I’m feeling exceptionally “light”… I eat and sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes it worse… so I’ve been trying to stay very hydrated with my alkaline water. I’ve been pretty sleepy as well from the meds… so I’ve just been taking time to recoup…

I’m in the home stretch… I know I can make it… just one more time of this…so not a lot of complaints, it is what it is…. This too shall pass! 🙂

I think other than the nausea, my body is adjusting to the side effects… the taste in my mouth is not as bad as usual…. and I feel like I’m up and around more than usual… My bestie sent me a card yesterday…. and she said something that I was proud of…. She said “I can’t even imagine how hard this has been on you and you’ve handled it all so well… So well, that I think sometimes people forget what a difficult, exhausting, horrible process this is! ” I really feel like for being on one of the hardest regimens of chemo… that I’ve handled it like a champ… That is something to be proud of… Now I can sail through surgery…. and regain my strength…. I certainly feel like I need to re-strengthen my body, I’ve lost core strength and simple things like opening cans are harder for me… all of those things will come back in time…. and hopefully I’ll be stronger than ever!

It’s a beautiful sun shiny day…. and I plan to sit in it for awhile, when my hubs comes home from golfing…. Missing him today… ❤ Enjoy your Sunday!

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