A successful fundraiser!!


My friend Mike Albert from Charlotte Video Ventures/Charlotte Range Masters along with Elite Training Academy and Lynn Ellison Bovidge, put together an amazing fundraiser that was right up their alley… Mike is former SWAT team from Pittsburgh and to say the least he is highly trained in firearms…They had a lot of people come out and support this event, it was extremely successful… every pun intended… they definitely hit their target!! It was a lot of fun! So many great vendors came out to support… I am so thankful to all of these people who supported me and participated…. It was so nice to meet several people that I’ve come to know… and I was so happy to see several of the industry friends who came out, as well… Thank you.

I felt great yesterday… despite my typical runny nose and watery eyes…. I was excited to attend! It was a gorgeous day outside… and I was shocked when I pulled in and the cars were pouring in…. When I went inside I knew maybe 10 people total…. the rest were complete strangers. Amazing…

Pizza, soda, water, candy, chips and cupcakes were served. It was simple and no fuss, no muss…. Perfect. They made T-shirts that people could order and I was so excited when I checked my Facebook yesterday and my cousin and his wife were wearing the T-Shirts… back home in Wisconsin! So neat!!!

Thank you sooooo very much to Mike Albert, his wife… Lynn Ellison Bovidge, the staff and vendors – thank you to my friends and brides and grooms (past and future) who came out to support me yesterday! One of my brides Mom’s won one of the door prizes… and one of my future grooms won THREE prizes!!!!

They asked me if I wanted to shoot… heck, why not…. I did amazingly well! Every single shot except the first one before I was prepped on how to handle a gun was…. ON TARGET! 🙂 I was quite proud of myself! It was a lot of fun…


Thank you to all of the people who spread the word for this event… I hope you realize just how truly grateful I am for the amazing show of love and support!!!! I am moving forward and focusing on exactly what I need to focus on…. staying positive, staying stress free and fighting this disease. I have good days and bad days…. I don’t photograph the bad days, so what you see are most likely the great days!! Yesterday was not just a great day, but an amazing day. I’m truly so thankful and humbled by the love and support and I truly, truly mean that!!!

Many thanks to:

Donation of Services

Elite Training Academy – 2811 Chamber Dr, Monroe, NC 280110 – Charlotte Range Masters – www.elitetrainingacademync.com/

Chris Bollinger – Bollinger Images – http://bollingerimages.com/

Rick Hyburg – Audio To Go –  http://atgdj.com/

Dayna Robidoux – Carolina Cake Artistry – http://www.carolinacakeartistry.com/

Hungry Howies Pizza – Indian Trail – http://www.hungryhowies.com/store/hungry-howies-623

Donation of Prizes

Juliet Harless – Juliet Photography – http://www.julietphotography.com/

Gotcha Studios – Frank Ramos – http://www.gotcha-studios.com/

Rose Sunkten – Rose Sunkten Art – https://www.facebook.com/RoseSuntken

Serenity Hair Spa- https://www.serenityhairspa16131.com

Take Aim Training – http://takeaimtrainingrange.wildapricot.org/

Charlotte Motor Speedway – www.charlottemotorspeedway.com

Comedy Zone – http://www.cltcomedyzone.com/

Ken Thomas Photography – http://www.kenthomasphotography.com/

Firethorne Country Club – http://www.firethornecountryclub.com/

Bello Trove  Hand Crafted Candles & Soaps – http://www.bellotrove.com

Charlotte Checkers – http://www.gocheckers.com/

Stevens Mill Photography – http://www.stevenmillsphotography.com/

Queen City K9 – http://www.qck9.com

Ellet Brothers – www.Ellett.com

Gander Mountain Monroe – http://www.gandermountain.com/

510 Expert Tattoos – www.510experttattoo.com/

Thank you so much for all of those who love me, know me and are supporting me through one of the hardest times in my life. You all make it so much easier for me! I’m so grateful for you all! Wednesday I have chemo…. after that I have ONE MORE LEFT!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate the completion of chemo!!!

Much LOVE!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “A successful fundraiser!!

  1. Hey Dawn

    So happy to hear that  the fundraiser went so well and that you were well enough to be there and enjoy all the festivities. You deserve a happy day. Wish I could have been there myself.

    Hugs Sandy

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