Not feelin’ too great…

Since yesterday I’ve not been feeling so great… I’ve been having a hard time catching my breath, feeling faint, cold sweats…. so I called my oncologist today and they felt I should maybe get checked…. so I went in… which ended up being an entire day spent at the ER… they were extremely busy today…

Long story short…. My oncologist was concerned maybe I had a blood clot… but, I had a CT scan and all was clear… it turns out the reason for my other symptoms is due to my Neurophils being extremely low… Under 1700 is low… under 500 is considered Neutropenia… My levels were 510…

I was told any sign of fever or anything that might indicate an infection, I should go back to the ER…

In the mean time… I guess we just wait it out and hope the neurophils increase… I feel extremely weak, going from one room to the next… I get the sweats… I just feel very unwell…. 😦

I was told that chemo can cause Leukemia… so  I pray that this is just a blip…. and that it’s not something more serious…


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