Great Weekend!



I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long while…. I have come out of my chemo slump and when I do it’s like exhilarating….. you go from feeling SO incredibly lousy to feeling better and that just feels so unbelievably amazing…. I tire easy, I don’t have the stamina I once had…. but I keep on because I just feel so much better! Right now I’m struggling with a sore mouth…. they said mouth sores might be a side effect… I’ve had some small sores, but right now…. my mouth and tongue is just so incredibly sore, it is affecting the taste of everything… I have to be super careful what I eat.. many fruits, dressings, etc… are so acidic that they just sting…. BUT, my nausea is a lot better….. so it’s a trade off!

Friday night was a fantastic day/night….. a friend invited us to pizza… and so we went and had an amazing time…. talking and catching up…. Saturday my Mom and I took a shopping trip to Goodwill…. lots of great scores! Saturday afternoon I was alone and watched a movie by myself…. it was great! Saturday night we were invited with some friends…. to another friends house and they had the nicest gathering to support me during this journey… it wasn’t really at all about me, but moreso about gathering people together and it was such a nice time…. we came home and watched the UFC fight…. My Mom kept Greyson overnight, so Darrell and I were able to stay up late watching TV and sleep in Sunday…. Sunday’s weather was just absolutely gorgeous and I spent as much of it outside as I possibly could…. I played chalk with Greyson on the back patio…. we went to the park… skipped naptime  and then we had a few friends over for the Superbowl….. It was just a lot of quality time spent…. a lot of chatting between Darrell and I…. talk of future plans, talk of our admiration of Greyson….. and our kids. We are very blessed….

I’ve talked about how cancer changes you…. it really changes your perspective and how you look at the smallest of things….. While I was sitting outside… I leaned back in the chair and the chair was at the perfect height to rub the back of your head… and I was like OMG… this feels so amazing… and my friend Tess said… “it’s the little things”…. it really is! lol As silly as that sounds…..  I find myself looking at things with so much more perspective…. and really soaking in the moments that we have….  I can see the changes in my husband too…. and how he’s viewing this… he’s being more expressive with me…. and it’s absolutely awesome.

Life is so short…. at any moment you can get bad news…. life can be taken from you…. and it truly is a gift and why shouldn’t we enjoy it?? I’ve expressed how much I’d love to move to the beach… it’s not realistic for us at any near point in our future… but it’s definitely on my living bucket list…. I want to live at the beach at some point…. and hopefully at some point, it will happen…. when all the cards come together…. 🙂

Another thing I was thinking about…. 2 years ago…. I got a life insurance policy…. I had no health insurance, but life insurance… hey, why not? lol I wanted to make sure my family was covered in case…. At the time, I honestly never thought anything would happen to me…. I was still young and wanted to get a policy while it was affordable, basically….. I am SO glad I did now!!! Now, I doubt any insurance company would cover me for anything affordable!! Also, I never realized…. they have cancer insurance! If you get cancer, they’ll pay you a lump sum of money…. like $5o,000….. boy would that be helpful at this point! But, I had no idea it existed… I guess because I have cancer now… I get mailings…. Something to consider… with breast cancer being a 1 in 8…. I think it’s something I’d consider doing! Unfortunately, no one would touch me at this point…..

Mom and I are going to go to Trader Joes today…. A recipe was posted yesterday for Gluten Free brownies and they look to die for….. It was on “The Coconut Mama” ‘s page on Facebook.. Here is the link….

I am a sweets junkie and I have given up all sugar… I would think Coconut sugar is ok?! Everything else coconut is…. so I’m anxious to make these… and hope I can find coconut sugar! I can’t wait to try them….

Happy Monday!!! 🙂


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