A New Day…


It’s a new day!!! Today my friend Sharon from Total Tranquility Salon has planned a little fundraiser… and I’m so excited!  Tomorrow my best friend Tracey from Nashville will be coming and spending 6 glorious days with me…. She’ll be here for my chemo too… 🙂 We will do lots of fun girl things…

I’m writing this for informational purposes only… in case anyone was planning to attend… Please do not show up at Magnolia Room in Rock Hill for my fundraiser on January 24th… it has been cancelled due to vendors that have decided to pull out.  I’ve been asked if it has been rescheduled. It has not been. I am grateful for those who have put a lot of hard work and preparation into this event. I’m of course, very sad… as are all who planned it…. Thank you to everyone who supported our family during this time…

This week upcoming…. it’s Chemo Week…. BOO!!!! Tracey and I will do lots of girls things together…. And absolutely nothing at all… and it will be amazing! Tuesday… we’re planning a day with Amelia… Wednesday night we’re having a girls dinner…. and then Thursday is chemo and we’ll probably just settle in and do a whole lot of nothing….. 

I will be having a check up with my Oncologist Surgeon on February 11th…. I imagine I’ll be having scans and MRI’s upcoming between now and the next chemo…. I think I’ll be meeting with a plastic surgeon as well, soon…. So, I will have some answers as to what’s happening with my body and chemo…. and how it’s responding. I’ll be curious if my lymph nodes have responded to the chemo at all…. since it does not appear my breast tumor has responded… that much, if at all? I’m so happy that I’ll be half way done with chemo after Thursday!!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday!!! ❤

2 thoughts on “A New Day…

  1. Dawn its disappointing that the fundraiser was cancelled and that we won’t be able to meet some of the incredible people that have embraced you in this time of need. I know you have worried yourself sick for the last couple of weeks I want to reassure you that your friends and family will make sure that You, Darrell, and the boys are taken care of. Many of us don’t have high connections and influential people but what we do have Is tunnel vision and we are focusing on fighting this disease and keeping you in as healthy place as possible. You are a inspiration to me you make me want to be a better person everyday You have taken time to speak kind words to my son when he was struggling and you are a incredible mother I know there are days that you just want to curl up and hide from the cruelty in this world but you put a smile on, kiss Grayson’s face and explain to him something you have explained to him a hundred times before .Taylor, Preston and Brianna are blessed to have your guidance. When this all started you innocently sat and said “I don’t see what people think is special about me, It’s just me”. I giggle because you really don’t see how special you are. You make a difference to so many people your blog helps people your beauty shines threw in your writing so stop worrying my friend not a another minute can be waited on what you think “people are thinking of you”. Anyone who has had the privilege of being part of your life will know that you truly are such a unique ray of sunshine 100% real sweetheart and nobody can take that from you . Truly loving someone is never having to say your sorry. You will never have a need to thank me for the things I chose to do for you because they come from my heart and when you give whole heartily you expect nothing back, on that note girl, write your blog, be the positive person you have always been and let the negativity lay were it may. You are a fighter, lets here your roar.

    • My friend, I thank you for your kindness…. I know you just said…. but, I can’t help myself. That is who I am. I sit here in tears…. not sad tears, happy tears…. because through this journey… I have truly learned the importance of true friends. People who don’t judge, people who understand, people who accept me for exactly who I am, people who don’t push opinions, who don’t expect me to do exactly as they say but allow me to be my own person, people who don’t hold what they do over my head…. it’s pure love. Before all of this, I don’t think I’ve had one single disagreement, argument or anything with any of my friends. I’ve never demanded a thing, I’ve never expected a thing from anyone, I’m always the one to give and help however I can. I’m allowed to ask questions without judgement. It doesn’t cause strife in our relationship. I’m allowed to be sad over disappointment without my friends turning on me… or expecting me to console them. And most of all, not blaspheming my name. Thank you for these words…. You will never know how much I appreciate them… and I appreciate YOU! I always knew I liked you a lot when we’ve hung out… during this time in my life you’ve been there for me in a way that is so humbling…. I can truly say that I love you very much. I am very blessed to have had the help I have had from people who really want nothing more than to see me well, very soon…. I am so blessed and thankful for these people in my life.

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