Yesterday, I had 2 emails come in… and 3 cards were mailed to me….. They were of support and encouragement. One email was from a mother of the bride (past and upcoming.. they are sisters)… and one was from an old friend that I’ve never actually met, but have known for a long time via the internet…. Literally, the tears fell…. I was extremely emotional in the beginning of this journey… It’s to be expected… but, I had a good period where I had days… where I didn’t cry. I didn’t need to? Lately… the tears have been falling a lot, again….. Things just touch me so deeply. The kindness touches me so deeply…. Some of the things said to me are just so amazingly genuine and real and honest…. and it’s so wonderful to know that through my blog or through my words…. that people are moved. 

When all of this first began… literally there wasn’t a day that something amazing happened… From my friends doing amazing things for me…. packages were being delivered…. talk of this huge fundraiser coming up for our family…. when I went to lunch with a friend, I told her…. It’s just me… and I teared up and I’m tearing up again. I never expected cancer to happen….. ever. But, I never expected all of this goodness to come out of it either…. 

When you have something like cancer happen…. any major life event, really… It makes you analyze…. pick your battles…. and make amends….  There is no time for wasted energy on anything in the past…. and I truly, truly feel like love can overcome anything….  Sometimes, it means…. just saying “hey you know what… let’s just move past it” and focus on what’s really important….. and that’s living and loving.... I tend to be probably way too forgiving… it’s probably a fault at times.  But, when I love….. I love so deeply…. as those in my life who are “in love” with me…  know it’s just who I am. I may get mad… I may get angry… but I will eventually say I’m sorry or try to make it right ….  My husband, my family… my friends know this about me.

I expressed on Facebook the other day… my thankfulness for all of the kindness, generosity…. and pure love that has placed in my life. I am truly SO grateful for every single person who has taken time out of their busy lives and schedules….. to deliver our family hot meals…. The delivery of groceries and household items… and the planning that goes into all of that. This fundraiser coming up…. we never asked for any of it, it was just given to us… For some reason….  To all of those people involved…. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. You know how you are…. and as I write, this….. The tears fall…. again…… I love you all, very much.

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