Happy Monday!

I hope that all my fellow Charlotte people are not in a funk this morning… The Panthers lost…. My husband sat and sulked all afternoon and must have said 15 times last night, I can’t believe they lost….

I managed to get a great selfie yesterday! Profile photo worthy!!!! 🙂



It was perfect timing to…. because my watery eye, runny nose, puffy eyes are back….. I took a photo last round… it looks exactly the same… The skin under my eyes have like a blistering effect…. Fortunately, I know that it goes away by the time the next round happens. So, I get a few great days…. then it’s a different problem. The joys of chemotherapy…. wait 5 minutes… a new symptom will appear!

unnamed (1)

I don’t really have much other to say today….. so I hope that everyone has a fantastic Monday!

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