On The Upswing

Yesterday was a very discouraging day… I slept most of it away… It seems pretty much that day 5 is my worst day…. I’m feeling much better today! I’m going to try to get some work done today and focus on what needs to be focused on…. ❤

Today I’ll be culling through a wedding which hopefully I will complete so I can go onto edit and retouch…. and then I will attempt to create a boudoir book for one of my most favorite brides…. ❤

Some things to look forward to….

1. My BFF will be here in 14 days…. and I’ll be having a glam shoot later that day as well!

2. I’ll have a day of relaxation between her visit and chemo…. and a night of maybe dinner out… on the town!

3. My day of chemo on the 23rd… really not looking forward to that… but the fundraiser the following evening will be amazing…

It’s not always easy to smile… especially when you don’t feel well…. but all of this is part of the reality of cancer…. and although I try to be upbeat and happy *most* of the time…. I’m bound to have bad days…

Chemo is not easy…. and it seems each time it’s a little different how it hits you…. but, I’m really doing my best to take it like a champ….. and try not to dwell…. but focus on what needs to be focused on…

Thank you for hanging in there with me through it all… ❤

Thank you 🙂 My little photog Greyson took this for me…


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